Frequently Asked Questions

Will we raise more?

On average, customers who go from a manual to a mobile managed event increase their raise 25% or more.  The reason is because you can start bidding early, make it easier to bid, keep guests engaged in the bidding, buying, and donating aspects of your event, and make checkout a snap.

How quickly do we get funds?

We use Stripe, the industry standard in payment processing, for all online transactions.  Their policy is to transfer funds received every 2 business days to your bank account.  This is fast and significantly better than most.

What if we have some older guests?

This is a common fear but you’d be surprised just how tech savvy the older generations are these days.  Almost everyone shops online and has a smartphone.  As long as they know how to do that, they should be fine.  For those that need a little extra help, you can place bids for them and help them checkout.

Is there a contract?

We don’t require a formal contract.  When you signup, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, which is good enough for us.  If your organization insists on a formal contract, we can accommodate.  Just let us know.

Do you offer a nonprofit discount?

We only work with 501c3 nonprofits or charities, schools, and foundations.  Our pricing structure is reflective of this.  From time to time we may offer an additional discount.  If we are, you’ll see that reflected on our website.

Can we export reports?

If you are hosting an event, we recommend some type of internet connection that can be used for your managers that will be on laptops and tablets.  This could be WiFi or a hotspot.  For guests, generally cell reception is sufficient.  If you have an unusual location with bad reception, you might consider an alternative.

Do we need WiFi?

Yes, you can export all data in the software via a CSV file.  This type of file is generally easy to them upload to any other software platform you may using and would like to share data.

How many campaigns or events can we host?

With your annual license you will have 12 months to host as many events and campaigns as you like.  Knock yourself out! 

Are there any limits?

You are only limited by your own imagination.  No limits on number of items, number of participants/guests, amount you can raise, or number of people who can help you manage your CP software.  We do have a limit on the number of emails and text messages that can be sent but it is high and rarely exceeded.

Passing forward fees?

CausePilot knows that the goal is to raise more and keep more for your organization, so we offer a feature that allows you to pass forward fees.  You can give guests the option to pay these fees or require they pay them.  Even given the option, we find that 50-75% people will voluntarily contribute to covering your costs.  They want to support your cause.

How do we get started?

All new customers start with a free trial.  Click the “Start Free Trial” button in the menu.  You will create your own personal user account and then your organization account.  Following this, you’ll be inside the software. You’ll have full access to the software but only Admins will be able to see it during a trial.  Once you purchase the annual license, your account will be fully activated.

Can we import?

You can send email and text messages through your CausePilot software without importing them.  However, if you want to import your item donors and sponsors, you can do that.  Then, as people visit your event, they will create their own accounts and become a contact in your CausePilot software.  You can also import auction items.  

How much time do we need?

You can start an event within minutes.  The time it generally takes to get a new event up and running depends on the size of your event and how many auction items you are soliciting.  But, adding them is very quick.  Maybe a minute per item or import them all at once.  The average auction will last 1-2 weeks.  

Have more questions?

Contact or check out the Help Center.