Why CausePilot?

By empowering fundraisers we maximize good works throughout communities.

Get your wings and fly!

Software that promises a lot and doesn’t deliver can be an expensive lesson to learn.  You never want to waste time or money that would have been better spent furthering your mission.

That’s why CausePilot is designed specifically to meet your needs, the fundraiser.  Our amazing tools will make your job (and life) easier, help you and your team be more productive, and deliver at a price you can afford….no matter your budget.

CausePilot is not just another fundraising software.  We want you to be able to let your creativity flow. Change your fundraiser options whenever you want without changing your software.  In the process, you’ll be the best fundraiser you can be and raise more than ever before.  Our goal is the same as yours, to grow your mission and give you the ability to focus on the things that matter most to you.


As the leader you create and host successful campaigns, raise awareness, and develop ongoing support.



When it’s easy and fun, staff and volunteers get excited and it’s felt throughout your event.



Your events will encourage supporters to give and build loyalty with a fun and professional presentation.


How we compare

You won’t find a better software platform on the market.


Your Flight Plan

Before Takeoff

We'll teach you how to navigate the software. Then, just a few clicks and you are creating a super cool landing page, choosing your event's fundraising options, and you're ready for takeoff.

During the Flight

You'll work together. Set up and send email and text messages to promote your event, track activity, progress, and manage everything to do with your event, supporters, and funds raised in real time.

After a Smooth Landing

When your event is over, you'll have all of your supporter's contact information, their activities, and reports out the wazoo. Share with your team to evaluate how your event went and build upon it next time.

Enjoy Non-Stop Service

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