How our pricing works.

The Big Takeaways…


•  Up to 100% return on your investment

•  You could ultimately use CausePilot for FREE

•  We keep costs low and pass those savings to you

•  Do-It-Yourself software with training

•  Try it first and love it!

You won’t find better than that.

Your Raise

How much will you raise throughout the year? Choose the pricing plan that gives you the best deal.

Recover your Costs

Choose the option to add a fee to supporters checkout cart of 0-10% to recover all or most of your cost.

The Actual Cost

Based on these choices, you could see a 100% or more return on your software investment.

Choose your plan.


Small and Growing
$69/mo paid annually
  • + 5% Usage Fee
  • Recover Cost Options

First Class

One+ Great Events
$199/mo paid annually
  • NO Usage Fee
  • Recover Cost Options

Jet Set

Big Time Fundraising
Quote paid annually
  • Custom Solution
  • Recover Cost Options

What is...?

Annual License

Software access for a full 12 months. All plans include the complete software, training, and varying levels of support.

Usage Fee

The Usage Fee is incurred as sales are generated and is based on the sale price, not the value. 

Recover Cost Options

Choose one of our options to pass forward fees to supporters and let them help cover costs associated with the event.


Contacts are users who participate in your campaigns and events. Invite as many people as you like. Only those that register or have been added are counted toward your total Contacts.  Contact if you need additional Contacts.

Flight Training

Flight Training is a video series that teaches you everything you need to know to be an expert CausePilot.  This is a self-guided training program and available to all CausePilots.  Flight Training+ is followup training with our Flight Crew.

Payment Processing

Credit cards are processed through your Stripe account, the industry standard for online payments.  Other companies may hold funds for 30-60+ days. With Stripe, you will automatically receive payouts to your bank account every 2 business days.  Stripe’s standard fee is 2.9% + .30 a transaction.  Stripe offers discounted rate as low as 2.2% + .30 per transaction for qualified nonprofits.

The Calculator

Your actual cost would be...


Your total raise would be...


The above are estimates based on CausePilot’s standard pricing. 
It does not reflect any applicable discounts.

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