Online fund drives offering one-time donations and recurring pledges for major giving. 

Will you reach your giving goal?

You send out letters or email to donors and hope they reply with generous gifts to keep your mission going and growing.  But does that effort meet your expectations and are you losing opportunities?

The Goal

Do you make a compelling case for why you need the money and how your donor's contribution will fulfill specific needs?

Easy Giving

Do you make it easy and convenient for donors to give when they are ready and in a manner best for them?

Thank You

Do you send a donation receipt for tax purposes but also a heart-felt email thanking them for their generosity?

Proven tools to stick the landing.

You’re never alone with CausePilot as your co-pilot.

Problem & Solution

Use the campaign landing page to explain the problem that your mission works tirelessly to help solve and how.

Specific Needs

Create giving levels to demonstrate how the donor's contribution will help in a very specific and personal way.

Send Receipts

Send a thank you email to your donors that also includes a receipt of their donation that can be used for tax purposes.


Allow donors to provide an In Memoriam, list donors on your landing page, or let them choose to remain anonymous.

Single Donation

Donors can give with a one-time payment, easily completed online with a credit card, and receive a receipt immediately.

Recurring Payments

Encourage bigger donations when you give donors the ability to pay over time and your software manages the processing.

How to host an Appeal

Make your case, make it easy, and raise more.

Landing Page

A beautiful and professional landing page demonstrates your missions values, capabilities, and desires for the future.  It’s the why and sets the stage properly. 

Giving Choices

Create giving levels that show donors how they can give and give them incentives to give more for specific needs or reasons that feel good.

Grateful Receipt

Personalize the donation receipts to add your own thank you’s and the personality of your organization.  The system will handle recurring payments.


When people care about your mission they want to give. Give them motivation and a great way to contribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you host multiple fundraisers per year, why pay for and learn multiple software platforms when you can do it all on CausePilot?  Plus, CausePilot is super user-friendly and you’ll love it.  Not to mention, asking your supporters to register and participate from various platforms is a little confusing too.  They only register once on CausePilot and then participate in any of your campaigns from then on.

Yes. Each person who participates in your campaign will be required to register and provide certain information.  This data can be downloaded via a CSV file and can be used to produce printed letters or imported into your CRM software.

We recommend a multi-prong approach.  Send out more than one invitation to participate and have them each appeal in different ways.  Then, don’t just reach out again in a year, host another fundraiser within a couple of months.  Something fun like an auction or a raffle!

Yes.  You have the option to “Pass Forward” a fee to your donors to help cover your costs of the software.  When you choose to pass forward a fee, you choose the percentage and can offer them the option to decline. You could potentially cover 100% of the fees and use CausePilot free.

We do not require a contract.  You simply agree to our terms of service.  A subscription is good for 1 year of full access to the software and all it’s features.

We love our customers and our number one priority is that you are successful.  We provide easy to follow training videos to help get you started.  A 24/7 online help center provides all of the extra material you’ll need and answers to common questions.  Your CausePilot Crew is also available to provide additional support as needed.

Yes.  You can create custom invitations, with the theme of your campaign, and send to your email list.  You can also send custom text messages.

You know your audience.  Consider a multichannel approach and send both print, email, and texts.  Of course, email is the most cost effective method and, with a link to your online donation page, is the most convenient way for people to give.

Of course! Simply share the web address of your campaign’s landing page on your social media accounts and encourage your friends to participate.

Your campaign’s landing page is designed to tell your story.  Add images, video, and content that makes a compelling case for your mission and how supporters can help.

You can keep a running tally of the funds you are raising via a thermometer on your campaign’s landing page.  After the campaign closes, send thank you emails and/or letters to share the results with your supporters.

Our software is designed specifically for charities, foundations, and schools. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide a user-friendly solution.  Our pricing is competitive, and provides options for every budget… we can’t do better than free (see Pass Forward Fee option)!

If you don’t see the answer to your question.  Contact Us

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