Create, sell, and manage tickets to your events.

Do you make it easy for supporters?

If you ask supporters to go to this website to buy tickets, and another to make donations, and yet another to participate in your auction, you are asking them to do too much.

One Stop

Give supporters one place to buy tickets, make a donation, participate in your auction, or any other piece of your event.

Give Often

Give them ways to give while you are selling tickets. Why not get them interested from the very beginning?

All Payments

One website to signup means they only have to enter their credit card once to participate in any part of your event.

Proven tools to stick the landing.

You’re never alone with CausePilot as your co-pilot.

Problem & Solution

Use the campaign landing page to explain the problem that your mission works tirelessly to help solve and how.

Create Tickets

Create ticket levels and price points to give supporters options on how they participate in your event.

Assigned Seating

After guests have purchased tickets, assign them to seats so they'll know where to go when they arrive.

Ask Questions

When you need to know more about your guests, ask. They can answer during the ticketing purchasing process.

Provide Discounts

When you have staff and volunteers that will attend but you want to charge them less, create a discount code.

Check In & Out

The self-checkin feature encourages guests to update their ticket holder's information and pre-registrations.

Ticketing made easy

Make your case, make it easy, and raise more.

Landing Page

A beautiful and professional landing page demonstrates your missions values, capabilities, and desires for the future.  It’s the why and sets the stage properly. 

Ticket Levels

Create ticket levels to provide participation choices for supporters.  This can include sponsorship level tickets, tables, couples, singles, and discounts.

Confirmation Ticket

Guests receive a confirmation email and a payment receipt by email.  They can show this at the door for quick entry.

Build your community and loyal supporters with interactive social and educational opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no limits to selling tickets, except those set by you.  You set the number of tickets available and the last day you want to sell them.  Your CausePilot software will stop selling at that point.

Of course!  If you want to sell tickets at the door, and people show up without a ticket, quickly create one and check them out.

A common issue is that a person will buy a table for 8 and only enter their own name as the ticket holder for all 8.  Encourage them to complete their ticket holder’s information prior to the event with reminders, and using self-checkin.  Otherwise, when someone arrives you’ll add them to the tickets for that purchaser at the door.

Yes, easily download CSV format reports to create name tags, seating charts, etc. Of course you’ll also have financial data for all tickets sold.

Yes, you will have the option to sell tickets as general admission, reserved, or assigned seating.  General admission means anyone can buy any ticket level.  Reserved means you have a seating chart and ticket purchasers can choose their location. And Assigned means you will assign the seats for them.

You can create questions for each ticket holder to answer as part of the buying process.  Create discount codes and offer them to VIPs and staff.  Bidder numbers are automatically generated for each ticket holder.  You can change these and use them for auctions or other purposes.

If you don’t see the answer to your question.  Contact Us

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